Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tempting the Universe

So I took a cue from Creating Motherhood today and asked the same question of the Universe via The Glastonbury Tarot . I asked whether or not I would get pregnant in December. I was never one to temp fate, but I was inspired to take the plunge today.

The results were surprisingly positive. I don’t really know hoe to interpret a tarot card reading but the highlights include:

THE CHARIOT symbolizes the ability for you exercise control by focusing on what you want in your life. There is a sense of increasing confidence, and this will attract success into your life. The Chariot indicates positive change.

NINE OF SWORDS indicates that it is time to allow yourself to grieve for what has been lost in the past. Through this, healing can be facilitated. It is important that you receive any support that is offered to you.

The final card, the card that represents the outcome, was the best:

TWO OF STAFFS - The Gateway. You are standing on the threshold of new experience. Give thanks for what you have learned, and for any gifts which have transpired from that. You can then move towards the new opportunities which are being offered.

So I took this as a good sign.

In other news, I think I am going to take a break from the flaky acupuncturist that I have been seeing since August. Not only was I annoyed when he asked me why I was in a rush to get pregnant, he doesn’t seem to remember the specifics of my case. Our interactions go something like this…

Flakey: You were on Lupron before your surgery, right?

Lupron is a drug used to shrink large fibroids before a myomectomy.

Me: Remember, I told you that fibroids were so small that I did not need to take it?

Flakey: Oh, oh, okay.

Also, he keeps talking to me about my imaginary IVF treatments.

Flakey: So, when are you going to start your next round of IVF?

Me: No, remember, I am not doing IVF but injectable IUI cycles?

Dr. Flakey: Oh, oh, that’s the same thing.

No, actually it’s not! Can’t he at least read my chart before he calls me into his office and pretend to understand what is going on with my Qi!?!

So, yesterday I got a recommendation for a new accupuncturist from Thwarted Repeatedly and I called immediately. I explained that I was looking for someone to help me recover from surgery and with fertility treatments. I also told the new accupuncturist that I would probably start an injectible in December and she immediately said, “Oh, so you are doing injectible IUI cycles?”

And at that moment, I knew that all was right in the Universe.


calliope said...

very interesting reading there!
And So glad that you are switching acu's!!

gold star said...

YAY - i'm so gald you're switching! I can't wait to hear what you think of her.