Friday, February 1, 2008

Photo Friday: Black and White

Here is a candid of one our cats, Remy. She has a purr like a diesel engine. In this photo, she is trying to comfort me as I talked her ear off last night about how I 'just know' I'm not pregnant.

Nadia was working late and I was lying in bed, when Remy decided to join me. She asked me to tell her my deep dark secrets with her eyes, so I poured my heart out.

She learned about my fear of never getting pregnant and of my fatigue and frustration with the TTC.

I have to admit that she is not 'my favorite' cat. She has too much energy and a mischievous air, which can be tedious when she has hidden a piece of my jewelry, or when she wants to play with my feet in the middle of the night.

But I have to admit that she was very sweet to me last night and quite a comfort in my time of need. I will always love her dearly for that.


Gia said...

Ohhhh..... That was sweet of her. You know they say animals can sense things we can't, so maybe her clam nature last night was a positive sign. The TWW can play suck mind games with you....Urghhh hang in there...are you going to be testing early?

calliope said...

great photo or a supremely sweet kittie.
& I will say this- when I was emitting hcg Tallula was ALLLLLL over me and she is not a lap cat. Well not for me.

sara said...

I will tell you that I "just knew" that I was not pregnant when I actually was-- just so you know. I am also a big fan of the talking to pets. My pugs are excellent listeners!