Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Egg Drama

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for what I thought would be a routine sonogram and confirmation. I was expecting my doctor, Dr. Feelgood, to confirm what he had already told me on Saturday—that I everything was fine and that I would have my IUIs on Wednesday and Thursday.

When I arrived there, things didn’t go according to my plan. Firstly, I discovered that my doctor, Dr. Feelgood was off and that I would have to contend with his partner, Dr. No-Bedside-Manner, who will henceforth be referred as Dr. Killjoy. Needless to say, he is very cold and condescending as usual. When I am being examined by him I feel very vulnerable and I don’t feel as if I can ask question and when I do, it’s just not that helpful.

It turns out that I have too many maturing follicles for an IUI cycle. In fact, I have 10. Dr. Killjoy cut my dosage of Menopur in half and told me to come back on Wednesday to see him since Dr. Feelgood would still be out. When I asked him when he thought I would be inseminated, he predicted Friday and Saturday, but emphasized the fact that he really couldn’t know for sure.

So we are now playing a game of wait and see. I do hope I will have my IUIs this week, but right now the risk of having multiples is a little scary.

I am trying to remain positive and embrace the fact that it’s a new year. A lot of wonderful things happened to me and all of you last year, so I am keeping the faith.

Tomorrow is another day….and the day that I will find out if and when I am going to have IUIs this cycle.


Anonymous said...

oh man, you are quite the over achiever!
Soooooooo hope that, if you want to, you are cleared for an IUI. I think the most eggs I had pre IUI was 6 and I had to actually sign a form that said I wouldn't raise hell against my fertility clinic if I ended up with 6 babies!
Will be thinking of you!

owl said...

bugger. complications at this stage just suck.
i hope all goes well and you can go ahead with your desperately wanted IUIs.

EggDropBlogger said...

Wow. Six eggs and you had to sign a form, huh? Hmmmmm

oneofhismoms said...

Dr. Killjoy! I love it! You hit that one right on the nose. LOL.

You know, lowering the dose really does help when you have too many follies. Even if you can't inseminate on Thursday or Friday, it is smart that they are playing with the dosage so you don't have too many fertilized eggs. It is just too bad that you can't take less shots!

Good luck. I say, speak little with Killjoy. Just smile and nod and don't ask him too many questions. Ask the nurse. I think she might be smarter than him.

Lo said...

That is *exactly* what happened to us (the cycle it worked, btw!). Co responded amazingly to the Follistim, and Dr. Quick asked her how she felt about selective reduction. Then we decided it would be an IVF cycle. Then we went back to it being an IUI cycle (I forget why.) Maybe there was more switching back and forth. We ended up with an IUI with a lot of eggs (I forget how many C predicted might pop but it was kinda scary)....and as you know, we have *one* very beautiful boy.

It was stressful. But with great results. Wishing you the same (with less stress).

sara said...

Ugghh! I'm sorry that you have to go through all this-- I am hoping for late-week inseminations for you!

Co said...

At the start of my injectables IUI cycle, my doc told me early on that I might wind up with 10 mature eggs... this was on CD6... I had too kick-a$$ a response to injects for an IUI. Gulp!

They lowered my dosage and added suppression meds (ganirelix acetate--prevents premature ovulation). I too flipped out about the risks of scary higher-order multiples. They wanted me to transfer my cycle to an IVF one or cancel it, or at least reassure them I was ok with selective reduction if it came to that.

In the end, I got 4 or 5 mature follies... not 10... and the IUI happened. I got pg with a singleton pregnancy.

You should consider how you feel about multiples and selective reduction, for sure, but don't assume that that is in the cards for you.

Incidentally, are they drawing blood each time you go in? If so, you could ask what your E2 (estradiol) levels are and what they mean.

Hugs. It's so stressful, but it isn't over! This might turn out to be fine and to be the cycle that works!