Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Creepy Crawlies

Okay, so the anxiety and nerves are setting in. They are slowly creeping into my everyday thinking. When I started the injectibles, I was pretty calm cool and collected about everything, some might even say, nonchalant.

The first injectible cycle, I was really diligent about the timing and really anal about mixing the vials. Now I can talk on the phone, fry bacon, and mix menopur all at the same time. I haven't even experienced many, if any side effects since Nadia started shooting me up last week.

But now that it looks like I will have IUIs on Wednesday and Thursday of next week, I find myself thinking about the what ifs:

What if we have another tornado and I can't hitch a ride to the drs?

What if the sperm count is really low and we can't use it?

What if the timing is completely off and the sperm misses all of my eggs completely? Frozen sperm isn't as potent as live sperm, you know.

From the looks of things, it seems as if I will have at least five eggs to gamble on, if not more. So the odds are decent but I am still slowly turning into a bag of nerves.

I go back on Monday to get wanded and firm up the dates of my insemination.

Happy New Year?


owl said...

yay! so excited for you. I am sure the sperm will be fine and while the frozens do not live as long as fresh and aren't as plentiful, there are plenty of little ones walking around because of them (you know, i have a 2 year old at our house from a frozen sperm).

new year new baby! yipeeeee

Lo said...

yes, happy new year! (typing onehanded b/c of frozen sperm...)

oneofhismoms said...

There will be no more tornadoes.

If the sperm doesn't work... quick into the waiting room and look for volunteers!

I think you like to be stressed out. Is that mean? I mean, if you weren't stressed out, you'd probably be worried about why you aren't stressed out.

I also think it will work for you. I think, as it was for me, that the second time is the charm when it comes to Menopur. Let us know what time on Wednesday so we can send the vibes uptown! Wahoo. Back in the saddle - er - stirrups, again!

sara said...

hey! Thanks so much for your comment and for turning me on to your blog-- I've been reading through your archives and I really relate to so much of what you have written. I was laughing about the Clomid-as-a-gateway-drug post. I'll be keeping up with your quest-- I hope this is your month!

Anonymous said...

an insem the 1st week of a new year sounds just magical to me!

& I am very amazed at your injection sass- cooking AND mixing? wow. I bow down to you!

will be thinking of you.