Friday, December 21, 2007

Photo Friday: The Best of 2007

I could not resist jumping into this photo Friday. This is a picture of my wedding bouquet taken with my camera phone. I probably have a better pictures to share because we did hire a photographer that day but I kind of like the amateur nature of this one.

Imagine being completely alone on a secluded beach in Nova Scotia, Canada with the person you love, a JP (Justice of the Peace), a photographer, and another witness-- a lady we met five minutes before the ceremony began. It was a very intimate wedding. It was a very beautiful wedding and it was definately the best thing that happened to me in 2007.

I love pink roses and I love Nadia. I am so proud to be her wife.


Lo said...

That sounds like a perfect, perfect day.

blkgrlphd said...

I love love. Your wedding made 2007 a great year. I hope that 2008 is an auspicious year for you as well. Happy New Year!