Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Lot to Swallow

Okay, so my Chinese herbs finally arrived from the factory (?) yesterday. Yes, the factory!

My acupuncturist says that I need to take 1 gram twice day in a glass of water (actually it's three times a day, but I refuse). Yuck! It tastes like dirt. I don't know if I am going to maintain this regimen but I will try anything at least once.

He says that this will help me with my fertility. I have at least three more months until I can get back on the fertility hamster wheel.

Okay, so let's see two grams per day x 90 days (at least) = a lot of digested dirt.


owl said...

i think i have 5 bottles of chinese herbs in our cupboard that i was suppsed to take! I was supposed to take 10 pills 4 times a day. i took about a days worth and they were fowl so i stopped taking them! I was too chicken to tell my chinese doctor that i didn't want to take them...hence the cupboard full of little black pills!

Melissa said...

I just got some Chinese herbs too. Fortunately, they are in pill form. They are small and round and kind of look like bb pellets. I have to take 6 twice a day. Hang in there.

Co said...

Gives whole new meaning to the expression "eat dirt."