Thursday, August 16, 2007

Waiting for Christmas

I am not in a very good mood today.

You see, I was never very good at waiting. When I was young, I used to shake the gifts under the Christmas tree and beg to open one early. My mother never relented. I would wake up before 5am on Christmas morning and I always had to wait until at least 6am. Then, we were required to make ourselves presentable for Dad's photo shoot. It was excrutiating. Then, finally, I would be allowed to open my gifts.

As an adult, I have to admit I have not gotten much better. In fact, one could argue that I am actually worse. You see, Nadia and I always open our gifts before Christmas morning. Sometimes we make it to Christmas Eve night, but last year, I think we unwrapped our gifts the day before Christmas Eve.

So, I am really having a hard time with TWW. I have about 9780 minutes left until I will allow myself to test. And even though I could test early, I want to give myself the best chance of getting a conclusive result. Even though I am trying to distract myself, I still find waiting very hard.

Reading other blogs in the sphere does help pass the time, though.


vee said...

And the irony is that if you ARE pregnant, you'll have another 9 months of waiting ahead of you!! That'll be one gift you won't want to unwrap early!

vee said...

Did you test yet??