Sunday, July 1, 2007

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Okay, so we are probably going to do the next round of inseminations with a blond- haired green-eyed French, German, Englishman. What?!?

When I first started this process, I did not even look at the sperm bank message boards to investigate the buzz about my donor. I considered this a deeply sacred experience that was to be shared between me, my partner, the sperm bank, the doctor, his business partner and all of the nurses on staff.

After Nadia and I made our donor selection the first time, I just knew that donor 57ddwas the one for me. He was Mr. Social Justice South American. He was not materialistic and had brown, wavy hair, just like my wife. When we listened to his voice for the first time on the audio recording, it was like love at first utterance, if you believe in miracles.

We were totally enraptured. We bought his picture and squealed when the downloading image first came into focus.

But as I have mentioned before on this blog, it all came crashing to an end when I confirmed with the sperm bank staff that my donor had retired. This explains why on two occasions I had to order my second choice sperm, donor number 37zz, one of the few open African-American donors. He is African-American, Native-American, German-Jewish and a smoker. I've used him twice and there is no bun baking in my oven.

In light of the fact that I will now be on injectable fertility hormones for 8-10 days, I've been scavenging the sperm bank message boards to see who recently got pregnant and by whom. This is how I came to choose donor 37ee. He seems quite effective. He is also an open donor, which means a lot to Nadia and me. It's not exaclty love, but if it works this time around it could be.

Thousands of dollars later, I need a dude whose boys can swim fast and hard up my uterus even after I've jumped out of the stirrups to hustle my way to work.

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oneofhismoms said...

Yeah, I've learned to take less stock in which donor we choose. The one who actually worked to conceive our son was not one of the ones I had so dutifully and thoroughly investigated. But I became a bit wedded to him (no pun intended, really) since we had a child using his sperm. I really wanted to use him to make the sibling. Alas, he, too has retired. Can you hook me up with those donor sites? Maybe there are some vials floating around out there. Good luck to you and your partner.