Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's the Little Things: Biotechnology vs. Christian Fundamentalism

Six months ago, some of my family members googled me and discovered I was a lesbian. They then began to have a global internet discussion about me without my knowledge. The conversation lasted for several months, spanning several countries from the Caribbean, United States, Canada and, possibily, England. One of my aunts told me about it recently Since then I have had a few brief discussions with some of them about their shame and complete and total disappointment in my "lifestyle".


oneofhismoms said...

Hmmm. You have to read Trista's post about letting them be the asshole. It is really great. her site is anaccidentofhope it is on my blogroll. It takes some people longer than others to get over their prejudices.

oneofhismoms said...

Here's the link to the great post.