Friday, June 15, 2007

Intercourse and Miscarriages

So I had an ultrasound today with the bad Dr (not my Dr) and he was very cold. At any rate, he did not read my chart. He told me that I should take the trigger shot in two days and have intercourse that night with my husband to be safe and then come in for an IUI.


I was a bit floored because my Dr knows I am a lesbian. In fact, he asks about Nadia all of the time. But this was not my dr. This was the Attending Dr, the one I had to deal with whether I wanted to or not because my Dr had the day off. This was 'Dr no beside manner'. At any rate, I was silent because there I was completely naked from the waste down.

He saw my face and said, "I did not mean to freak you by mentioning your fibroid. It is one of those hard-to-call fibroids and I would just wait to see if you have a miscarriage or two and then think about removing it."

Again, speechless.

Anyway, I sat on the table for several minutes after he left trying to compose myself. Once I finally got dressed he came in and said he had made a mistake. He told that he "just realized I was a donor assisted IUI and suggested I come back tomorrow because donor IUI's require more monitoring."

No, shit!

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