Sunday, January 6, 2008

Swimming Towards the Golden Egg

Okay, so on Wednesday night Nadia and I pulled the trigger releasing, tiny ovidrel bullets into my stomach.

Thursday I went in for my first IUI. I learned from Dr. Feelgood around 9:30am that I had yet to ovulate (Yes!) Beyond that, the whole thing was uneventful. The sample had about 11 million sperm. I was able to lie down for 15 minutes because the waiting room was remarkably empty. You see, it was about 16 degrees outside and folks were straggling in, if they managed to make it at all. Afterwards, I went to work and felt a few twinges but nothing remarkable happened. During the night I kept waking up in a panic thinking, "what if I ovulate now?"I keep checking the clock, hoping for morning when I could get shot up again with those lovely little guys.

Nadia joined me Friday morning. This time, Dr. Killjoy (ugh) met us in the examination room around 10am but--remarkably--he was in a good mood. He told me I hadn't ovulated yet-Yippee!! Nadia held my hand during the procedure and it was over pretty quickly. The specimen was 11.2 million. I tried to lie on that damn table as long as I could but after five minutes, the nurses told me to start getting ready to leave. I was a bit annoyed because their post- IUI instructions clearly state that women should lie down for at least 10 minutes. I know, I know, time is money, but I feel as if I have invested enough time and resources into this process that I deserve more than 5 uninterrupted minutes post-IUI. Anyhoo, I managed to eek out another five minutes before we left.

Not soon after leaving, maybe 30 minutes later, I started to feel some pain that peaked around 2:30. I went to work but could barely walk. I was happy about it because I believe I ovulated at the right time, but it was very painful. I mean, I had six eggs, so it was a bit intense. I left work early--around 4pm-- came home and went to bed until 8pm when the pain had subsided.

Nadia and I are hopeful. I am trying not to be obsessive but it's hard for me not to be obsessive on a good day, never mind the fact that I was ready to be pregnant at least a year ago when I started this journey. Anyway, I am trying to enjoy the two week wait.

Enjoy? Yes, enjoy!

I haven't felt very many systems just tender breasts and fatigue but I think that comes with the post-menopur territory. I am taking it easy, thinking positive thoughts, and using aromatherapy to relax. We'll see how long I last before I go nuts.


owl said...

Go spermies, GO! Good luck, thinking good and wonderful things for you.
yipeee. here's to a speedy tww.

sara said...

I'm excited! I hope this is your cycle! If you have any secrets about how to enjoy the TWW, send them my way!!

Co said...

Sounds like amazing timing and lots o' eggs! Fingers crossed.

oneofhismoms said...

Don't be fooled by the sore boobs! It is totally the Menopur.
On the other hand, I still think you've got to be pregnant. Be pregnant! Be pregnant!