Saturday, January 12, 2008

Looking Good, Looking Pale

Today I had lunch with an old friend who hadn't seen me in a while. When she saw, me she immediately said, "Hey, you look pale, are you alright?"

My eyes started to shine with glee.

She asked, "are you okay? Um, yes, I said I think there is a flu bug going around my office." My response was a bit strange because I answered her with a big goofy smile-not typical of someone who has the flu.

Looking pale is not easy for a black girl. So maybe, just maybe, this is a good sign, right? I'm feeling slightly feverish today but since I don't chart, it is hard for me to be sure what all of this really means.

Tick tock.


owl from enough grows said...

yippeeeeee for pale.....whoo hoo...hope you are a almost green by the end of the tww!

Anonymous said...

This is getting really exciting...waiting to exhale.


mrsbluemont said...

ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness! i'm all crossed for you dear and hoping the rest of the tww goes easily. enjoy!