Sunday, November 4, 2007

Paula Proves Pregnancy's Power

This morning I watched with delight as Great Britain's Paula Ratcliffe crossed the New York City Marathon finish line in 2:23:09. I'm happy that she was able to comeback and win it for a second time because there was such a buzz around her training for the marathon as a pregnant woman.

Paula ran throughout her pregnancy last year. Apparently, she even ran the day before she gave birth to her daughter. And 12 days after the birth --nine months ago-- she started training again.

Gone are the days when women are treated with kid gloves during pregnancy. Closely watched by doctors throughout her preparations, Paula refused to slow down during her pregnancy.

When she was asked what effect pregnancy had on her training, she said that "she felt stronger and tougher" post-pregnancy.

And watching her cross the finish line made me think about what I will be able to do once I get knocked up.

I can't wait.

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