Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blood Stagnation

Well my new acpuncturist says that she is treating me for blood stagnation, which is related to fibroids and other uterine related issues (i.e. infertility). So I have to take one pill a day and three eye droppers full of liquid dirt.

The taste of this new stuff is not as bad as the last set of herbs I was on but it could taste a lot better.

I will try it for at least the next month until I start my injectible cycle #2. I hope it works but even if it does not ultimately have an measurable impact on my fertility, it is definately making me feel better.


Anonymous said...

interesting. I am also seeing an acupunturist and being treated for blood stagnation - endometriosis related. Have been taking a cute little pills, but today I am to start chewing a toffee-like thing which he tells me tastes terrible.


EggDropBlogger said...

Good luck, Sista!