Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Should I Be for Halloween?

I am trying to decide what to be for Halloween. Right now it is a toss up between, Whiner, Drama Queen and Scaredy Cat.

I may be a whiner, but all I can say about my week after fibroid surgery is that, “it hurts”! After a weekend with intense bouts of pain, I had a drive-by visit with my doctor yesterday. Thiry seconds into the visit, he told me I was absolutely fine. He said that I needed to realize that I had experienced a trauma to the body and that I needed time to heal. The pain, he said, was natural.


Am I just a natural Drama Queen? Is Nadia, right? Am I just high maintenance? Have I decided on a costume?

The main thing that I am feeling, though, is fear. What if this does not work? I had the fibroids removed was so that I could get pregnant. I did not have painful periods, anemia, discomfort, or any of the symptoms that motivate people to get those buggers cut out of their bodies. So, my big fear right now is that I endure all of this pain and suffering only to discover that I still can't conceive.

Horror of Horrors!

My impromptu visit with my RE was so rushed that I did not have time to share my fears with him. For now, I have my fingers crossed. I hope that he will have more time to answer my questions and allay my fears in two weeks during our next visit.

Until then, Happy Halloween!


Lo said...

I think you should be an egg. ;-)

oneofhismoms said...

I think you should be a bowl of egg drop soup.

BTW, look at it like this: You were able to remove a visible road block to your fertility. Lots of people have no idea why they are having trouble. Hopefully this will do the trick!

I think anyone who has surgery also has the right to complain as much as they want. Complaining makes me feel better. That's why I blog.

Co said...

In our childbirth class, we heard a story about how a woman's fibroids interfered with her baby's delivery. So, hopefully, the surgery will not only help you conceive but also make you feel less worried about those fibroids making pregnancy difficult. Hope hope hope.

In the meantime, screw the drive-by doctor. It may be normal to be in pain after having been cut open, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned about it or don't have a right to bring it up or even ask if he can prescribe you some relief (although insane drug laws in this country and fears of addiction make docs live in fear of reducing intense pain, even in the short term). I don't think it's whiny to complain about "intense bouts of pain." When was the last time your male doctor had uterine fibroids removed? He has no clue.

Take care. I'm sorry the aftermath is so rough.