Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

Everyone should have a doctor friend like Dr. Val. Dr. Val just finished her residency in Ob/Gyn in Connecticut and she is now embarking on her own private practice down South. A mutual friend gave me her number so I could talk to her about the pros and cons of surgery. When I called she was very generous and patient. She let me know that there is still plenty of hope and plenty of time for me and my egg drop drama.

Thanks, Dr. Val!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I have elected to follow my RE’s advice and have the myomectomy.

Now if I could only stop researching everything that could go wrong during surgery, how the surgery could affect my chances of getting pregnant, and how the surgery may result in a hysterectomy, I think I would be able to come to terms with my decision and stop second guessing myself.

Patience is a virtue!


Co said...

I imagine the risks of something going wrong during your surgery are slim, or else your R.E. wouldn't recommend doing it. Your R.E. *is* trying to get you pg, and recommending surgery that was likely to result in a hysterectomy wouldn't help his success rates any, so I doubt he'd recommend it unless the risk were minimal.

I always ask myself, "Do I feel lucky?" when faced with those risks. For example, if I entered a lottery and the odds of winning were 1 in 1,000, I wouldn't expect to win. So, if I have surgery and the risk of a certain bad outcome happening are 1 in 1,000, I shouldn't expect that bad outcome to happen. So, it's probably a justifiable risk to take. I know it's easier to believe you can be unlucky than that you can be lucky, but actually, the math is the same. Math is not emotional. Anyway, that's my annoyingly mathematical way of trying to rationalize such things.

And having sympathetic doctor friends to be a sounding board... so helpful. Glad you had a chat with Dr. Val.

EggDropBlogger said...

Thanks, Co, I guess, you are right, my RE is trying to get me pregnant. I need to keep focusing on that and not on all of the bad stuff that can happen. Just a little under two months to will I spend my time?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Val rocks! I'm glad that you came away more hopeful.
-dr. val fan member