Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Fun with Needles

Today, I had more fun with needles, but this time, they were small and designed to move my Qi not make me bloated and nauseous like the injectables did.
I went to the acupuncturist today. The Dr, I will call him "Dr. Querky" (because he was) looked at my tongue and told me that I had a blood blockage which caused the fibroid to grow and made it hard for me to conceive. He said that he could treat me and that my energy would eventually realign, creating a more hospitable environment for the egg. His approach works in tandem with western doctors, so I promised to keep him abreast of everything my RE said. Then he put me on the exam table and stuck needles into me. And I gotta admit that I actually enjoyed it.
Dr. Querky played music and turned the lights down low. He told me to visualize the fibroid moving out of my body and then encouraged me to breathe as he left the room. I was able to lie there for 40 minutes. I left Dr Querky's office feeling totally relaxed and hopeful. Monday is the day I discover if I really need surgery and long I have to wait until I can TTC again so I need all of the hope I can get.

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Lo said...

wow, that sounds really interesting. Good luck with it!!