Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Attitude Grattitude

I just had my ultrasound and the attending dr. (not my wonderful dr) was a bit of a jerk. He did not explain himself clearly and got an attitude when I told him he was not making any sense. Can you believe that?

At any rate, now he wants me to use an ovulator predictor kit so see if there is a surge. All I am thinking about is how much money this whole 'project' is going to cost me and this is before I have even thought about college tuition when jr. turns 18.

The entire baby making industry (as wonderful as it is) is quite expensive and I do feel very lucky, spoiled and self-indulgent as I invest more of my time, energy and money into it.

Anyway, I am off to buy another pee stick to add to my collection at home. So far, I have early response pregnancy kits, regular response pregnancy kits and now I will have an ovulation kit.

Wish me luck!

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