Monday, April 2, 2007

Walking on Egg Shells

I just got back from my first insemination. The Dr's office was like a baby making factory.The women kept walking in, walking in, walking in. I got there at 7:45 and the Dr. did not see me until 10, okay?

It was weird the way they had me verify the donor number 57## and the race” caucasian”, or at one point, the Dr. even said, “wwhhite?” He then checked me to make sure that the egg had not yet dropped. Yes, Nadia and I want a child that looks like a mixture of us.

The whole procedure was very clinical and quick. It is funny how millions of years of reproduction get whittled down to 5 minutes.

*HCG shot at 8pm last night
*Insemi at 10am this am
*Egg drop at 2pm
*Conception at??????????????????????????????

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